Sunday, April 22, 2012


Orlando estuvo pintando con nosotros hace 4 años


Friday, February 26, 2010

Nicholas Simmons , the acclaimed American artist and musician, is coming to wonderful Catalonia next September, isn't that great? He'll come to Girona, one of the nicest provinces in Spain where I'm so lucky to live in, specifically to Sant Feliu de Guixols . It's a nice seaside town with some of the best beaches and coastal paths around.
I can't wait to see him paint his big watercolours and acrylics in such a creative way, so stimulating!
There's a lot of freedom in the way Nick paints, writes or plays the guitar, and the way you can approach your own work. The paint and water flowing is nearly a sensual experience, exciting for the eyes because of the intensity of the colours. That helps all the cells in our body to respond with more vitality and happiness.
I'm sure you feel a strong sense of achievement after having finished your own painting, because you can't go wrong, it's a dialogue between yourself, the paint and the paper. Some control but also some space for surprises. Really exciting!

Well, and if you like music, all the best, there's your musician too.... both forms of art complement so well. There are strong notes and colours, soft ones, rythms, silences, symphonies or minimalistic pieces of music or paintings. After all, a painting is like a musical composition, with its swing, harmony, rythm, balance or great loud beat.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Video del curso de Alvaro en Septiembre 2008

Fueron unos dias fantasticos. Como era de esperar,,Alvaro se entrego a fondo en sus enseñanzas. Verlo pintar es un autentico placer. Gracias Alvaro por compartir con nosotros tantas cosas.

Untitled from Retuerto on Vimeo.